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Google new social networking website – Google+

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Google Plus:

Much awaited Google social networking website “Google Plus” has launched finally on June 29th.

The website allows users to share photos, links and videos with friends, family and colleagues.

The key difference between Google’s plus and other social networking sites is the privacy. Google plus user can share messages/news with specific people instead of “sharing with everyone in friends list”

Google+ has interesting features like Circles, Stream, Huddle and Photos.

  • Circles: This feature overcome biggest drawback of Facebook’s privacy policy. With Circles, we can share some things with colleagues, others with your family, and almost nothing with your boss.
  • Sparks:This is all about sharing. This feature allows sharing news and articles around throughout the network. The +1 button is important feature to recommend content around the web.

I want to share pros and cons of the Google Plus to get clear idea about usage, features and how exactly useful for social media savvy.



1. Privacy: Google+ makes easier to share messages to individual circles. Users can personalize friend lists for better privacy and sharing the news.

The feature encourages users to group their friends together by category — eg. school friends, relatives, work colleagues etc. what we share with close friends doesn’t necessarily need to be shared with our boss.

2. Mobile Chat: Providing non-SMS group chat application for mobile phones called Google plus Huddles

3. Group Video Chat:

The feature allows users to join groups together for video chat.

Google released ‘Hangouts’ feature to target the market currently occupied by Skype.


Having worked remotely, a ‘Hangout’ has a lot of value. This allows for a video based group chat, we can invite users, or others see within a circle and join.

4. Integration:

Google+ users can integrate multiple Google products to one location. Like Latitude, chat, +1, Chrome, Google Profiles, new Google page designs, Google One Bar, Gmail and Android.

5. Mute:

Google+ gives an option of ‘muting’ a conversation if users don’t want to view it further.


1. Noise in the Stream:

The posts are pushed to the top whenever there is a new comment posted.

Google+ needs to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Most of the users are facing difficulties in finding latest posts. But it’s well-organized in Facebook.

2. Doesn’t Work With Google Apps

3. Lack of Search

Google+ doesn’t have search functionality for finding content in the network.

4. Google+ does not offer one nice feature of tie up account with other social accounts like LinkedIn, Twitter into profile.

Comparison Google plus Vs Facebook:

  • According to comScore stats in May’2011, following are the web analytics metrics for Google and Facebook.
  • Major Facebook’s weakness is privacy practice, Google + offers flexibility in sharing content with users selectively.
  • Facebook is making lot of money from advertising. But for now, Google+ will be ad-free.