How to Improve Rss Feeds

How to Improve Rss Feeds

RSS is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Abbreviation of Rss is rich site syndication or Really Simple Syndication. RSS is one of the popular feed formats to promote & Update the content in WWW. RSS feeds are a great communication medium. Web feeds can bring in significant Internet traffic

Webmaster do submit RSS feeds in search Engines & directories to promote their site, Some of the types of information that can be delivered in RSS feeds include blog feeds, article feeds ,forum feeds, news feeds ,discounts feeds.

Few Tips to Improve RSS Feeds

• Don’t insert html titles in Channel title to improve the compatibility of Rss Feed

• Title plays a key role in attract the visitors.

• The channel description should contain related keywords and phrases, but it should be written to capture the interest of readers not search engine spiders

• Keep Rss Feed Item titles same to webpage titles to attract the visitors.

• Feed must be optimized for search engines like websites .

• Consistent grammatical errors will reduce the subscribers

• The image should be no large 144×400 and it is recommended that the image be 88×31.

• Most RSS readers will display the feed image above the feed content

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